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Comprehensive Dental Care

The basis of high quality dental treatment is a comprehensive dental exam. A comprehensive dental exam is more than cleaning your teeth. Simply put, a comprehensive exam is a close up view of your teeth, gums, and mouth. Our Metairie dentist can get you on the path to a healthy oral cavity.

No matter how detailed you are in your oral care routine, the development of plaque is inevitable. The porous nature of teeth make them prone to decay. Routine visits to our Metairie office can reduce excessive plaque. In turn, you reduce your chances of tooth decay.

A Window To Your Overall Health

Your mouth is the entry point for what goes into your body. Your oral health may shed light on other health problems. Neglected issues in your mouth can lead to future problems in the rest of your body.

Consistent oral care at home is only part of keeping a healthy mouth. Brushing and flossing teeth will not remove all plaque from your teeth. Excessive plaque will lead to bacteria entering other parts of your body.

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About Our Dentists

We are totally dedicated to patient care and will never be satisfied with mediocrity. It is our privilege to take care of all your dental needs with compassion and utmost respect.

Our Metairie dental team is committed to early diagnosis and treatment to maintain and enhance your appearance. Comprehensive dental exams provide our patients with the earliest possible diagnosis to treat possible conditions. Our goal is to save your natural teeth when possible.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Your smile spreads happiness everywhere. Cosmetic dental treatments can reverse imperfections in your smile. Dental treatments such as porcelain veneers or crown lengthening can give you the smile of your dreams. Other cosmetic dental services include, clear aligners and teeth whitening.

A smile sets the tone for the day. Spread happiness in your home, at work, or among friends. Your smile holds a lot of value. It costs nothing, but has many benefits.

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chairside 3 dimensional dental technology in metairie la

CEREC Dental Technology

The dental technology at our Metairie office offers several benefits to patients. Our office digitally scans your teeth. No more goop! 

Often, we can design and make your restoration during your visit. You can have your tooth restored with a crown in one visit.

Digital photos of problems in your mouth increases transparency. Our dental hygienist will take a digital photo and show you the scan right there. We find that showing our patients the issue builds trust. 

Your Metairie Dentists

Dr Randy Green DDS dentist in metairie la

Dr. Randy Green

Dr. Randy Green is one of the most well respected general dentists in the New Orleans area. He has practiced dentistry in New Orleans and Metairie for over 40 years. Dr. Green's patients are treated like friends.
Dr Jeffrey Gregson DDS cosmetic dentist in Metairie LA

Dr. Jeffrey Gregson

Dr. Jeffrey Gregson is a lifelong resident of New Orleans. He has practiced dentistry for almost 10 years. Dr. Gregson specializes in dental implants, as well as other dental restorations. His chair side manner is superb.

Patient Testimonials

Our Vision

Our vision is to provide the highest quality, most comprehensive dental care available in an effort to improve the health, appearance, and self-esteem of our patients in a profound way. We offer innovative, customized, uncompromising, state of the art care in a warm, friendly and relaxing environment. Our commitment to you is to exhibit honesty and integrity in every aspect of our practice.

Our highly experienced dental team is dedicated to your ongoing preventive care and comfort through patient education, early diagnosis, and treatment to maintain and enhance your appearance and continued good health. We are totally dedicated to patient care and will never be satisfied with mediocrity. It is our privilege to take care of all your dental needs with compassion and utmost respect.

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