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Payment Options​

You may be wondering, “How much does dental care cost? Will I get good value for my money?”

Green Gregson Family Dentistry strives every day to make dental care affordable to patients. Similarly, it is our goal to deliver the best value to our patients. The value of your oral health begins with a comprehensive dental exam. Being proactive about your oral health reduces lifetime dental care costs in most cases. In addition, research shows more and more that our oral health directly impacts our overall health, which is something you cannot put a price on!

Dental Care is Affordable

You can afford dental care. Really. We know raising a family is expensive, and kids’ activities add up. To ensure you and your family can get the dental care needed, you can choose from a variety of affordable programs and easy payment plans to fit your budget, including flexible monthly options and financing.

Our dental financing is easy to apply for, and there are no fees to apply. Depending on the financing plans available, your options to cover the cost of dental care may include:

  • No interest payment plans (if you pay loan balances in full within designated time frames)
  • Deferred interest plans
  • Monthly payment plans with low, fixed interest rates
  • Customized payment plans for various time frames to suit every budget

Your family is unique. Our dental staff will work with you to find an affordable option that fits your needs.

Contact our office if you have any questions. You may also learn more by clicking the CareCredit image below.

Payment Methods Accepted

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