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Cosmetic Dentistry Conceals Blemishes

A Comprehensive Approach for Long Term Results

Choose Experienced Cosmetic Dentists

If you want a whiter, straighter, more beautiful smile, you need to work with dentists experienced in cosmetic procedures. Metairie cosmetic dentists, Drs. Green and Gregson have the necessary skills to help you achieve the flawless smile you have always wanted. Also, our new advanced technology which increases your comfort and the effectiveness of the cosmetic treatment. Not to mention significantly decrease your time in the dental chair.

Dr. Randy Green and Dr. Jeffrey Gregson have a great deal of experience with cosmetic dental treatments. In fact, Dr. Jeffrey Gregson is a certified CEREC trainer for other dentists that wish to perform cosmetic procedures using this advanced technology.

Dr. Randy Green or Dr. Jeffrey Gregson meet with you during the consultation. Upon learning more about you and your goals, they will develop a treatment plan that fits your goals. The cosmetic treatment plan includes the steps needed to reach your smile goal.

What is Cosmetic Dentistry?

Cosmetic dentistry contains a wide variety of advanced dental treatments specifically aimed at enhancing your appearance. While traditional dentistry focuses on prevention of oral disease, cosmetic dentistry focuses on improving the appearance of your teeth. New Orleans cosmetic dentists, Dr. Jeffrey Gregson and Randy Green believe your smile is the key to your overall well being. In fact, studies have shown that smiling is directly connected to your mood, self-confidence, and self-esteem. Besides, your dental health can have a major significant on your overall health.

We know imagining the smile of your dreams can stir up the butterflies in your stomach, sweaty palms and jittery nerves. Our cosmetic dental treatments and a comforting team will ease anxieties and help reach goals with confidence. The outcome that we can provide for you is a boost in quality of life. At Green Gregson Family Dentistry we can help you:

Your mouth is like a window into the health of your entire body. Proper oral care will have a massive impact on the health of your whole body. Hence, the reason why cosmetic dental procedures may be the solution to meet your smile goal. Also, you will see that cosmetic treatments can be very flexible, non-intrusive and non-invasive. In most cases, you will see that custom cosmetic treatments are done from start to finish in our Metairie dentist office. In fact, several cosmetic treatments can be done in one appointment at our Metairie office.

Design Your Smile and Future

You are a good candidate for custom cosmetic dental treatments if you are unhappy with:

It is important to note that you must be free from tooth decay or gum disease before any cosmetic treatment can be administered. Nevertheless, you may not be ready for a cosmetic procedure if your gum and teeth are not in optimal health.

Since there are numerous custom cosmetic dental treatments available, virtually any dental issue can be addressed. Therefore, if you are interested in fixing or concealing flaws in your teeth you are a potential candidate for one cosmetic treatment or another. Additionally, if you choose to include teeth whitening in your treatment plan, we will typically perform this procedure first so that additional treatments will match the new shade of your smile.

At Green Gregson Family Dentistry, our objective is to improve your full-body health. You can expect to achieve your goals and understand each step of the treatment plan. We do this by communicating with you every step of the way and providing the best in class patient education resources. Most importantly, Dr. Randy Green and Dr. Jeffrey Gregson will perform a comprehensive exam before a teeth whitening treatment or before developing a cosmetic treatment plan for additional cosmetic procedures.

Smile Makeover Patient Testimonial

Dental Veneers

Custom designed porcelain veneers are can give your teeth a natural look and feel. Porcelain veneers are strong, very thin shells that we fabricate in our Metairie dental office. Veneers are custom designed and colored to match your natural tooth color. In fact, porcelain veneers can improve the appearance of one or more of your teeth.

Teeth Whitening

Professional in office teeth whitening is one of the most common procedures done at our metairie office. Your teeth will be up to eight shades whiter in less than two hours. In addition, our in office teeth whitening may be recommended prior to a cosmetic procedure. The Zoom!® in office whitening provides a new base shade to which we can match materials like porcelain and composite.

Member of The American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry

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1Results may vary, ask your dentist or hygienist if Philips Zoom!® whitening is right for you. Zoom!® is a registered trademark of Philips North America.

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