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Direct and Indirect Dental Restorations

Restorative Dentistry begins with a comprehensive dental hygiene plan that may include a variety of restoration procedures. A customized plan may include a dental exam, teeth cleaning, dental x-rays or possible tooth scaling to treat the problems occurring with your teeth. A comprehensive dental treatment plan will help prevent further tooth decay or other oral diseases. Our dentists may use a variety of restorative procedures to save your tooth. In cases where a tooth cannot be salvaged Dr. Randy Green or Dr. Jeffrey Gregson may recommend the removal of a decayed tooth.

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Tooth Extractions

Removing teeth is always taken as a serious matter in our office. Only after a detailed and thorough medical history is reviewed and updated is the procedure performed in our office. Once proper healing of the extraction site has occurred a dental implant, dental bridge or removable appliances may be placed. Interim partials or treatment partials can be placed immediately after a tooth extraction if there is a cosmetic or esthetic concern. Even implants can be placed immediately after extractions in specific cases.

Dr. Gregson has received extensive training in oral surgery and has a special interest in this area. He sought out extra training during his Naval career. He is very experienced with not only erupted teeth but also wisdom teeth and broken retained roots.

If you are apprehensive about having an extraction, talk to us about nitrous oxide inhalation or oral sedation. There are of course specific cases where referral to a specialist such as an oral surgeon may be necessary. These may include complicated bony impaction cases, medical conditions that need a more controlled environment or patients needing intravenous conscious sedation.

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