Dental Crowns Restore Shape and Size of Your Tooth

Same-Day CEREC Crowns

Crowns or caps are used to restore the form, function, and anatomy of a tooth. Our dental crowns are designed and milled in our Metairie office. Advancements in dental technology affords us the ability to digitally scan, mill and place your dental crown in the same visit.

A dental crown completely caps or covers the healthy portion of the tooth to protect it from further damage of fracture. Crowns when cemented in place cover the visible part of the tooth above the gum line. They can be made of different materials such as porcelain, porcelain fused to metal, gold and composite resin.

Due to esthetic concerns and advances in technology, almost all of our crowns are made of all porcelain. We are able to use our CEREC software to image and mill porcelain crowns from a solid block of porcelain that matches the shade or color of the your teeth. The CEREC allows us to have absolute control as far as shade matching and preserving tooth structure.

Patient Review:
Crown Looks and Feels Natural

I just wanted to say how happy I was with the crown Dr. Green made for me the other day. It was just PERFECT!!! I was constantly getting food caught between my back molar teeth because of too much spacing. My gums were always inflamed inspite of flossing several times a day. The way he engineered the tooth, it looks and feels totally natural and all the problems are gone. I have been a patient here for two decades and Dr Green’s work has always been meticulous. If possible, he keeps getting even BETTER!!! The hygienists Ellen and Stacy do a superb job in keeping my teeth and gums in top shape. The staff here, Diane, Sue and the rest make you feel like family. 😁

Single Crown Procedure

Restore Your Tooth To Optimal Shape

Video Transcript

When a tooth’s structure is compromised, a crown rebuilds it. A crown is usually made of ceramic or a composite material. With a CAD/CAM crown, your doctor uses 3-D scanning technology to aid in designing the restoration. This makes it possible for your doctor to complete your crown in a single appointment.

First, your tooth is prepared to make room for the crown. The prepared tooth is scanned, and the crown is made in your doctor’s office while you wait. Once the crown is ready, your doctor will make final adjustments and cement it into place.

Your tooth is restored to optimal shape and function.

Filling Versus Crown Using CAD/CAM

Repair Decayed or Damaged Tooth

Video Transcript

When a tooth has been compromised by decay, your doctor may choose to use a filling or a crown to repair it. There are some differences to consider when evaluating your options. When repairing a small area of decay, a filling is a great option. A filling can be completed in a single appointment and is less expensive than a crown. The cavity can be filled with a material called composite, which mimics the tooth’s natural shade and sheen. Once completed, the filling should stop the decay and keep the tooth healthy for a number of years.

Drawbacks of a filling can be a shorter comparative lifespan, and potential long term issues like recurring decay and cracking. Placing a crown is best when a tooth has been weakened by extensive decay, injury, or deterioration of a large filling. A crown procedure involves reducing the surface area of the whole tooth to remove the decay, and then covering it entirely with a restoration made of ceramic or composite.

Crowns are more durable and last longer than a filling, and protect teeth from fracturing
over time. While requiring a more involved procedure, a crown can also be completed in a single appointment when using digital scanning and onsite fabrication.

In the right circumstances, both a filling and a crown are excellent solutions for repairing decayed or damaged teeth. It is important that you consult with your doctor so that the right choice can be made based upon your unique needs.

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